Saturday, February 28, 2009

CS Night Part 2 (Me+Frenz's Photo)

Hehe.... Here i back with more photo in my CS night....
Mayb some ppl curious i write in so many part.... Cause.... I duno what shd i write here. So i divide my CS night story in part... Don scold me >< ?!!

1st 1st....
My lovely KH's Gang (KeHui's Gang or call my CS family).
The GangMaster >> KeHui absent and didnt attend the party >< haiz...

Then is my ViceGangMaster >>>
Chang YetZhen (0r call as er jie XD ).... Leng lui lol XD....
Er jie, very pretty that night wor XD. She have a killing smile le.. ~晕~

<<<<Lim Yu Sheng.
Pro in alot of stuff, such as networking,web design, programing and CAMERA-ING... That night he is one of our camera man. No doubt he is very KEAT ?!!!
But he is put Feelingless in his msn nick... >< i duno what he is feeling less in wor.... Mayb u all can go ask him yourself ..... XD msn in yushengXXX@XXX.XXX XD

After that PRO leng zai.... Here kum another pretty girl who is oredi belong to other guy deeee.... My fifth sister....

<<<< Ong Shiau Hoay

Pretty girl... She is one of the CALON of our LADIES of CS NIGHT... (Don wan tell who is the ladies 1st XD ).
There r only normal orange juice on our hand
(Kit don worry lalz !!?!! XP)

Yoooo~~ The sixth in the family kuming le ~~~
Wong Chee Hoe >>>> er.... nothing much to said about him wor. Very quiet but do things very seriously... His experinces not bad....
Hey,bro.... Take more picture lalz.. I have very less of ur picture lalz.... XD

Another leng zai lol.... Name Tan Chia Ho. Seventh in KH's Gang. He is PRO in dress stuff... 2 3 ppl's dress were determined by him. Realise something in this photo ???

1. His hair long until can close his left eye XD
2. His hair go to left hand side while my hair go to right hand side XD
3. Of cause i m short >< XD

This 1 shd be the famous guy in CS School le..... OUR CS TAILOU 2008/2009 >>>> MingDa (or famous with dada)... He is a guy humurous deee.... Alot ppl like him alot... He is the best in settle things XD that is why he be Tailou and i only a runner up ~~ XD Haha... Next year is you to organise the party le... Good LUCK and + u!!!!!

Here nw i present for you for my last brother and sister. The guy on the right is number 9 in family.
>>>>> JieYao (or more prefer been call yaoyao). On my left hand is my number 10 de sister....
XD don wan tell u all her name. We call her xiaomei<<<<<. Haha....

Xiao mei ar xiao mei... I so scary ma...? Stand also avoid touch me.... haiz....

Wait..................... Still have 2 more member in my family..... ~Aba and Aunty PPY~ XD haha

Here here... Have a look. Aunty PPY that night is my couple.... XD So pretty that night. PPY i think u have to make-up more frequently, at lease do ur hair style. U c U c that night so high class XD.

Then another is Aba Wen.... Oi Aba... I didnt owe u money lalz. Even CAMERA GUY didnt owe u any money lalz..... Y ur face so black >< so scare lalz..... DON KILL ME~ RUN ~~~ siAM~~

Ishhh.... Saw le Aba's face, let me feel like i want stop here.... RUn....~~

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Pui Yee said...

yo~~ ur cs nite part 2 like blogging about ur cs family gang, nt blogging bout CS nite oso... XD

eh? tat nite i'm ur partner? then manager leh???