Saturday, July 11, 2009

First week of 3rd sem end.

Oredi pass 12 which means nw is sat.... finally weekend.... It have been a tough week.

Monday that has just pass is the 1st day of tis sem. That day was the most busy day on this week. I reach USM at 8am by car. Then i straigh go up pusat bahasa to register my team for japanese class. I went to c the lecturer whose class i want to join. After that i met with coursemates they tell me that we can register the english course which i plan to take this sem.... Without delaying i go back to c the other lecturer and drop my japanese class... Luckily he didnt ask anything....

CMT 221 this subject still ok.... Just nid buy a book that cost RM 59+.... got test and assignment.

CST 234 which is my major and also my nightmare.... Other major only 3 or 4 hours per week, but my major.... 5 hours per week and 4 hours are at night... Haiz.... and nid to buy 2 or 3 books... the only things that might make me excited is we use mac computer and learning about i phone. (^.^)v

CPT 211... well the weird class i attend this sem. the school plan a small class which can fit around 100 ppl to a course which have 150++ student.... On the 1st class most of the student have to stand =.=|||

LSP 404 this is the most funniest class i have this sem. We are acting a scene where the ship start to sink and the captain can save 2 more ppl from 4 ppl. We were asked to act and defend for our own character so that the captain will save us. XD

CLE 201... another with alot of assignment and project.... haiz....

AKP 201 this course suprise me the most.... this course used to be only small test and final exam. Nw we nid to do a project which we have to interview a small company or organisation about 4P in marketing field. Haiz... project again....

In conlusion.... i have 3 projects and alot assignments and tests.... I duno if i can survive from this sem. My grade oredi not very good le.... Haiz.....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Memory lost

I meet one of frenz today which here i call him here as L.
I call him and he just smile to me...
I felt very strange but i didnt get alot of thinking about him....
Then i help him take a yellow form.
I talk few things with him and he just said very less and keep on smile-ing.
Altho i feel strange but i just thought that he might not feeling well today.

Well then... after i reach home. I on my msn and i saw he online.So i go to disturb u...
Said few things then i ask him are you ok?
He just tell me he felt scare so he didnt talk much with me...
then he said something that really shocked me for some time.

He said "You are Mervin. The 1 gv me yellow form to me just nw. I remember u."
I think wtf? We are frenz since 1st sem, y u talk like u just noe me....
I wonder what happen. Then i go ask J and she tell me...


I really cant believe what i heard.... I go confirm with YC and other ppl.
They gv me same answer... L lost his memories.
I feel very shock and sad about that.... On the same time i felt glad.
He lost memory and i lost a good frenz >>> this shocked me and cause me felt sad
No matter what he survive from the brain surgery....

I wonder what such cruel things happen to him.
My frenz, i always be ur frenz.
Hope 1 day u can recover everything
remember the fun we have
the pain we been tru along the 1st year.

Monday, July 6, 2009



我听朋友们讲 学弟进USM有RM1000拿~ Arrrrrr 为何我们没有??

有谁可以证实这个事情然后给我知道!!! 有真的这一回事吗?


Sunday, July 5, 2009


刚刚跑去看comixo的漫画。。。 很搞笑。。
如果没记错 他们是Malaysia的画家
Gempak 和 Utopia 有他们画的画集和漫画!!