Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Memory lost

I meet one of frenz today which here i call him here as L.
I call him and he just smile to me...
I felt very strange but i didnt get alot of thinking about him....
Then i help him take a yellow form.
I talk few things with him and he just said very less and keep on smile-ing.
Altho i feel strange but i just thought that he might not feeling well today.

Well then... after i reach home. I on my msn and i saw he online.So i go to disturb u...
Said few things then i ask him are you ok?
He just tell me he felt scare so he didnt talk much with me...
then he said something that really shocked me for some time.

He said "You are Mervin. The 1 gv me yellow form to me just nw. I remember u."
I think wtf? We are frenz since 1st sem, y u talk like u just noe me....
I wonder what happen. Then i go ask J and she tell me...


I really cant believe what i heard.... I go confirm with YC and other ppl.
They gv me same answer... L lost his memories.
I feel very shock and sad about that.... On the same time i felt glad.
He lost memory and i lost a good frenz >>> this shocked me and cause me felt sad
No matter what he survive from the brain surgery....

I wonder what such cruel things happen to him.
My frenz, i always be ur frenz.
Hope 1 day u can recover everything
remember the fun we have
the pain we been tru along the 1st year.

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