Thursday, February 26, 2009

CS Night Part 1 (Gang Photo)

20 Feb 2008 i had attend my school nitez >>> CS nitez....

Well i don think it is success enough. The program was not going well as planning. The MC could not get party high enough.
HOWEVER one of the MC who we call Ben Ben trying very hard to entertaint us... SO i will gv a credit for u, Ben Ben. Love u the most.
(Middle is Ben Ben, Left is Dada and Right is Zhi Hoe).

After the MC, let us go for Handsome guy 1st. On that night, all the male member in KH gang attend the Party~~ YEah~~~ MAN rules~ Here we have a look on all the handsome and entau entau guy. Muahaha......
In this photo have
~me as the third (Incase those forget me, i m the 1 with one thmb up), ySheng the forth (small head on the last road XD), zHoe the sixth (bhind me white colour shirt), jHo the seventh (second row 3rd ppl from right), mDada the eighth (the 1 with two thumbs up with the killing smile XD) and jYao the ninth (1st row 1st from the right) the KH's family. XD haha....
OOya.... Forget daddy XD. Daddy is standing bside me only.

After the guy, lets us go for FEMALE~~ XP all the lengzai who haven't have partner be ready for the female candidate.... Here the are~
XD lazy introduce the lenglui here le. Even KH's family de, i also lazy intro le.

To be continue.... CS Night Part 2 (Personal Photo XD)

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