Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Graduation night

Our form Graduation Night hv bkum a mess... How can tis happen? Previous year don hv tis much of problem.. How kum ma year hv alot of problem?
At 1st d price s RM65 then up to RM70. It s too expensive to a few of ppl including me... I really wana go cause it s the onli and laz time 4 me 2 gather wif all ma high school frenz in ma high school life... Bt i cant afford tat lalz.
Ma mom told me not to go dee... Haiz~ Do tat gradulation night cause tat much of money... I heard a lot of rumors tat there s sumtin wrong going in d committee...
So wat shd i do? Shd i go? Shd i don go? Wat shd i do s d best.......

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