Tuesday, August 21, 2007

21 AuGusTT

Well startin a tuition week dee... Tis whole week alot tuition... Almoz eveyday 2 tuitions,very tired. Not only physical,mentally alzo tired lolz!
Ma childchood "sick" comin back again... Cause of watchin 2 much movie,especially J-animation.. Cant concentrate in study.. Trial left 2 weeks+ nia... Goin die dee lalz... STPM left not more than 90days nia... Bt i.. Bt i ... I still enjoyin d days,no nervous at all yet~ no d feelin,no d mood 2 study. How ar??

I blieve alot of ppl hv study alot dee. Wish d best 4 them n.... alzo 2 me altho i don hv d high chance....

Every form 6 student who had read tis blog! Hope d godness always bside u n bring u d best luck for u.. +u +u (chinese word translate)...

Different tis from here>>>>>>>>
She hv bside me for friday,saturday and alzo monday! I m very hapy when wif her... However ma attitude hv made her angry n not happy... I m not wishin 4 tat. Everytime i try do sumtin gud sure will get d bad effect... Wat shd i do? Shd i continue do wat i do? Or shdn't i? Sum 1 pro plz tell me wat to do lalz... I m quite stuck in ma life dee.... *_*

Y i hv d feelin like tis? I nt satisfied? Nop! I m very hapy bcause she bring happiness to ma life... well mayb sumtime bring bad feelin to me... So wat s d feelin i hv nw? Wat s tat feelin? Bad? Good? Shd? Shd not? I alzo nt sure!

However 1 tins for sure!!!

U always b ma angel! d only 1 in ma heart nw!

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zee said...

Love is always something which makes our live complicated..yet,we are so eager to embrance love! what ever the outcome is,dont fear it! tell yourself to be brave..and face it. to love someone..it's realy something ..noble.well,at least that's what i tink. and to not get back the love we gave out,it's realy dissapointing..
I've walked through those hard times that love gave me..to me,he is soo important..I loved hiim more than anyone..sometimes even myself.but wat i get..is being hurt,hurt and hurt..

You,my fren..u are lucky.u still hav her..good luck to you n her!
relationship is about 2 person.communicate with her n talk more with each other..u'll see the diffrence.