Saturday, October 4, 2008


我有点无聊及闷闷的。。 就到海边走一趟。。

当时的风景好不错,虽然说有些的部分堆积了好多垃圾。。好多小孩子在那儿拾贝壳呢。。 还有一部分的小孩在那儿游泳!^.^ 好可爱呢!



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Desmonde d'Crinoline said...

sometimes we like to keep quiet , sometimes we like to involve ourselves in talkings.... but there are times we just want to sit there doing nothing, but think of our past, life, and friends and family. How are they doing? where are they now?> would i be the same if i were with them today>
did i make the right choice>
is there a hidden message that God tries to tell me for designating this fate to me>

^^.... just a random thougt..but i guess these are what in my minds..