Sunday, January 20, 2008

New post on 2008~ 20 Jan 2008

Happy New Year 2008~ Maybe some people feel me wired cause i now only wish happy new year... But 2008 still is a new year to me... I just past 20 days of d 2008 year but i feel like nothing new to me...

I still passing the days like old time... Wake up work and sleep back =.=
Maybe the readers will think my life is like this boring but it is....
Haiz~ I don't know how to express my disappointment.....

One thing i happy with is she is treating better... Or maybe should said she is treating me with the way i prefer.. ^Q^ I feel happy with my love life. ^Q^

Some how i meet up with some people who i don't like their behaviour .V. But i still need to face them for a long period... Arrrrrr...... I going to be crazy if continue like this.... However,if u see on the spot,u won't know i don't like them ^^ I perfect in acting.. Hehehe... Kekeke... ( Don't need care about this part,I am self-love of myself).... Muahaha ^O^

I wil stop here for today. I will be update more often because sometime in shop feel very boring... So write ma blog to spend the time... >.<

P.S I write this blog in my shop ( BLUECUBE in Queensbaymall.Penang)

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