Saturday, September 29, 2007


Laz nitez I went to ma frenz birthday dinner! alot of ppl n very fun. FaCes s d restaurant name. Well,i heard a lot of ppl said tat d food there not very nice... After i eat d black pepperchicken,i can conclude tat d food there NICE! For those who old me the food not very nice,plz think again and go try again. Mayb once d food taste might go down,but i tink they hv changed dee. The food actualy quite delicious.

Happy birthday kok yeong+hong chin!! (Actually birthday on sunday)

^^^^^ red shirt hong chin + black shit>>kok yeong

We have quite fun there. One of frenz throw d cake towards kok yeong but miss =.=" noob lolz...
Hahaha... Don blame me ar because u really stupid lalz...

The cake alzo become very cham and geli.

This s d picture after d ice cream cake being cut~ Really look not nice ritez?
Hiew very tired lalz. Wan c d pic after it? Hehe next time lolz. I still post it here,

To be continued.....

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