Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Answer from LMRobot

Recently get question by some frenz and "frenzzzzz"
Just to answer some of your queries...

Why your Blog do not updated frequently ?
This is hard... But Robot wrote blog is depend on mood de XD
I only wrote the blog when I feel want to
when I free to write it.

Why your blog got different language?
Robot's answer also depend on mood..
Personally both english and chinese language
Robot not very good in it.
So when Robot feel it is better for Robot to use english
Robot will use english,
same goes to chinese.

Why you use broken language?
Robot had to say sorry for all
as Robot's language is not that good.
Robot is trying to improve
Please stay with Robot
Robot improve Robot's language.


Nick said...

chill man :)

Ghin Leong Tan said...

Bro.. I always chill 1~ XDD