Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wrath of LMRobot

LMRobot was
very very very dissapointed
after discussion with HR ytd.

It seem like a lot of things was not on correct path. 

HR do not get my appeal Letter?

Izzit boss do not pass up?

The appeal fail??

Or what?

If boss do not submit onbehalf,

why you still can tell LMRobot that appeal is on management discussion?

Or HR this party do not know what is happening? 

What the weird situation....

Oh FxXX company,
a great banking instituon but management is suck!!! 

How to handle customer request?!

It is glad that customer do not lost our money by using your product!!!

Oh well, you can continue doing it without LMRobot.

LMRobot is not that important person either....

LMRobot will start to search for better opportunity...  

LMRobot can not continue working under less organize environmet. 

Even org chart was like... 
Done it within minutes, 
and simply put ppl in any position.

By any chance,
any of colleague read this blog,
sorry for all d trouble.

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