Monday, May 24, 2010

Work in NAV6

@@ so many friends write about their working place...
I feel strange when i thinking writing about the place i work... Zzzzz almost every comp science student know this place de >>> NAv6

NAv6 or know as National Advance IPv6 Center

All the trainee sit together on 4 rows.

1st row : white shirt is noob Ben and beside is Peter {Missing}

2nd row and 3rd row : white shirt is CJW and brown shirt is Ah ba.

My table with my own laptop. If u realize, there is snack behind my laptop. XD

Ah ba sit behind me. ^^ duno what is he surfing nw.... 18SX things maybe.

CJW is so hardworking studying book. T^T he has personal computer >> Mac 1.
Haiz... Different supervisor different life.

That is all for my "small office".

to be continue.......

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