Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day in Starbuck, Boaders, Queensbay Mall

Recently my house line suckS. Well today is same. Feel boring and disappointed siting at home.Suddenly feel want go out have a walk.... After short time of thinking where should i go, i decide go to Boarders in Queensby mall for online... Without wasting time i went to prepared. After prepared then i only remember that i have no cars to drive. Once remember that i lye down on bed with depress feeling~

Around 15 minutes of travel i reached. Maybe u all wonder how i go QB.... I cycle go~ so tired with those laptop and equipment on my back. Zzzzzzz... Really heavy when cycle up the hill XD

In starbucks i call a coffee to drink which cost me around RM13++ haiz.... my money just flew away like that. While i onlining, i was thinking a lot of things. What i did tis holiday? Stay at home and being a 宅男... 2 months of being freak~ What else i did? Nothing!!!!!! I just realise how i wasted those pricious time. zzzzzzz~

What else i did? Every night stay till quite "early" b4 i went to sleep. Doing what ne? Reading those useless novel and comic... Haiz.... what i can do? i like those things. and my house line will only be good at night. That is 1 of the reason y i go outside to online.

Almost 2 weeks time i have a strange nightmare. I was walking in a dark place and i only c a road. Bside that is all dark. Walking down the path is a juction.... 3 different path for me to choose.... i stand there and i duno which road to choose.... At that time my body start to trembe and sweating.... I start to feel scare. That is a feeling that there is something chasing from the path i walked b4. I look back.... The path that i walked was replaced by darkness.... B4 i can run or doing anything i fell to a dark hole.... falling falling and non-stop falling till i wake up from that nightmare.

What do this nightmare want to tell or inspire me? Till nw i havent figure it out. And this nightmare hunting for days le.

Well bside these few things then i totaly do nothing in these holiday.


Desmonde d'Crinoline said...

hm.....maybe indication of something to be done in life?

whatever it is, I am sure time will reveal everything. :)

Just be yourself and live the most out of your life~ :)

sleeping child said...

act i m being a 宅女 tis whole holiday too..haha..
sometimes my frenz are full of activities..then i will feel why i so boring de..lolz
bcoz of too boring,me start blogging oso lo..haiz..
bt in ur case,life is not jz that lonely..remember stil got frenz bside u that will owaz support u ok?

Desmonde d'Crinoline said...

hey yo u noe that day i called u? using my fren hp...cuz i was in USM...walk around...wana meet you :)