Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What a day..

I am working for Bluecube,Queensbay Mall as my part-time job. I think most of my friends know about it but you all don't know how suck it is in my working place. The management for my company very useless (at lease it is what i had go through) *.* They keep on said want us to do more sale and "Give your Heart to Company" from Mr Andrew Leong, C-Mobile Operational Manager. However the company don't try the best for us. As example, my commision since Jan until March, I still haven't received it.

Beside that, I feel the worst is I have a manager who english worst than primary school student. =.= don't Know how she become manager.... Zzzz.... Sometimes i don't know what is the purpose to do the things that they ask.. Like our daily report, i have to fax 1 copy to the company. Well if i not mistaken, i have to send back whole month report again every 1st of next month. (not very sure cause it is still a new progress.) For me it is wasting the money + paper...

Well it still got alot of things happen in my outler and it is not that nice to tell at here. Well then, anyone would like to know can just leave ur contact to me,then i will reply u privately. For friends just call me lalz ( don't be so stupid leave ur contact here ) Hehe,i just get a msg from my friend said i never update the blog it is because i am lazy + i can't find any nice words to write. So very sorry for those wish to see ma blog more. I promise u all i will try to update more at here but not ma diary. Hehe....

thank you guys for reading my blog. Love you all. \(^O^)/

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